In Depth Coaching

Using a multidimensional approach, linguistic and subliminal techniques, I accompany you towards your desired goals, which develop from the depths, are realised on the surface and manifest themselves in new perceived states of being.

Respect for the person, the quality of listening and the ability to intervene in a correct manner, distinguish the efficiency and quality of the work I do.

They say about me

The collaboration with Danilo is Humorous, clear and precise. He asked me clear and direct questions, to focus the work on the topics, that I want to change. Within a few sessions I was able to experience profound changes on the physical and emotional level. Thank you very much for your work. It’s nice that you exist.

S.B. Switzerland

I have come to know and appreciate Danilo as an incredibly emphatic, upbeat person. He has helped me in my self-process with his great knowledge to release my blockages and dissolve my old patterns. Danilo I am incredibly grateful for your support and yourm warm nature.

A.H. Switzerland

I got to know Danilo as an open, empathetic and benevolent man. The fact that people are happy, healthy and satisfied is a matter close to his heart. He supports me because I keep struggling with dizziness, associated with various health problems. In my case, conventional medicine has limits that Danilo can overcome in another way. During his work he is very present to me, in a positive sense. Not all complaints have disappeared (yet). However, the feeling of dealing with them is quite another, which is crucial. The improvement is strongly noticeable. I got a lot of quality of life back and am grateful to have met this man.

P.B. – Switzerland

I can hardly find the words to express the small miracle that Danilo worked on me.
He was using different energetic techniques, from his already prodigious tool bag for working on a non-material level, which were felt almost instantly on a material level.
I came to Danilo with several problems and after a few short sessions, I felt my troubles unraveling around me and slipping away. My health improved, my weight is dropping off and the difficulties I am dealing with in my life no longer seem to be the great challenges that they were. Somehow, doors are opening in front of me and I am making deep life changes in a fluid easy manner.
The work is subtle but astonishingly effective. I am deeply grateful.

C.C – Italy

Danilo, we know each other and have been friends for a lifetime, I admire and fascinate your path, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for what you have done to my subconscious. My habits with sweets have changed, I feel free, more energetic and in control of myself, it is me who decide when and how much. I still don’t know how you did it, but I don’t care. Keep helping those who ask you.

B.B. – Switzerland

The pressure gave me a lot of problems, me having to take care of other professionally during the Covid-19 crisis. You amazingly managed to lower the diastolic value of my blood pressure. Thank of your intervention, my blood pressure is normal and I am calmer. I thank you for that.

M.B Swtitzerland

Some time has passed and I have noticed further improvements. The knee that was always swollen and sore is no so, I changed my posture and the way I walk. I walk much more than before. My cholesterol has dropped and I eat healthier food. I have firmer nerves, under stress I remain lucid and I no longer get emotionally agitated. I have more joy in general in life, I spend more time outdoors. I have stopped drinking alcohol and I feel better, I am more alert, I sleep better and when I wake up I feel regenerated.


I wanted to let you know that the back pain has gone now. Pretty miraculous as I was preparing for weeks of healing!

E.T. – UK

Danilo has helped me with convincing exercises to recognise and solve patterns in my behaviour. An important step for determining my own position! Many thanks for your wonderful work.

K.A. – Zurich

Thanks to the work with Danilo, I have already been able to address and heal various issues, both physical and psychological. With a few targeted questions, he has comprehensively grasped the issues to be addressed and dissolved blockages in a very short time. For me, energy work always requires a high level of trust. With Danilo this trust was 100% there from the first moment. What amazed and convinced me the most was that I didn’t have to do anything. The desire and the inner willingness to change something in my own life for the better was enough to feel positive results immediately and clearly. No need to drink water, swallow pills or do gymnastic exercises for weeks and months. Dear Danilo, thank you very much for your work, which is a great enrichment for my well-being and which I appreciate very much. Just as I value you incredibly as a person.

K.G. Lucerne

Dear Danilo.
In short, I am writing to you about my experience…before and after the experiential work done two days ago.
I came to you feeling exhausted, sad, with a feeling of anxiety, emptiness and anguish that I had been dragging around for a long time, with my energy at the limit of its reserve, which could be described as a principle of depression of the soul. Interesting was the sensation of becoming aware of it, of how much the mind speaks through the body, perceiving the connection..of this connection. In the first instance a strange sensation of general physical staggering…then the clarity of it all…images and emotions appearing…and resurfacing…the weight that from the sum of the head gradually descended in the body…down to the feet and the extremities of the hands…with the instinct to shake them to release the tiredness and heaviness picked up and perceived during the session…a real liberation of things accumulated unnecessarily before!!! The exchange of jokes were a mixture of initial tears in feeling the weight of the old … turning into laughter … more and more ‘conscious and liberating.
I now feel liberated..definitively from that past that I had stuck to myself for too long. I now feel new and lighter..the energy has taken a new form, ready to grow and expand to infinite possibilities. Thank you from the Heart the Reset has been accomplished. Now I can start again..and I smile with joy!!! Infinitely Grateful for your work…even if for me it always remains a mystery as to how and what…you did to bring about this transformation!!!

N.W. Switzerland


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