Book: Coming Soon

Danilo Barzaghini’s Book is an introspective and at times autobiographical journey in search of an inner and outer balance; a literary experience that suggest better questions, in view of better answers. When writing his stories, the author delves into the great themes of our time with an original and never trivial pen. The result? A new editorial project of its kind, capable of providing interesting food for thought on the role of mass media in our times, freedom of choice, intrinsic motivation and the complex relationship between parents and adolescents. the common thread of the book is, in every case,  change. Each chapter focuses on a different nuance of subjective evolution, analyzing the difficult relationship we all have with our comfort zone, with fear of diversity, with the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of routine.

The second part of the text, instead, a sui generis journey into Barzaghini’s past, a not-to-be-missed opportunity to delve into the advantages of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) related to the conscious and subconscious mind of individuals. Each page is enriched with examples take from everyday life, from vivid life experience, as well as insights and reading suggestions that will guide the reader in a dimension of learning both intellectual and experiential. The question arises therefore, spontaneously: what is the message that Barzaghini wants to share with his audicence? Certainly not only the narration of an autobiography, but rather a starting point from wich to investigate the complex interpersonal relationship on wich our society is based.

In the words of the author, “change is possibile only if we are willing to change, to let go of the previous state, even risking taking a step in an uncertain direction towards which we do not yet have a defined vision. However, we must create new horizons in order to identify with something partially new and unknown”.

Are you ready to dive in the depths of your mind?